ALERT210 ALERT2 Advanced Remote Data Platform with 6 Sensor Inputs, CR800, and AL200
Turn-key ALERT2 system
Fully configurable and programmable for flood warning applications
气象 应用支持 水资源 应用支持 能源 应用支持 湍流通量 应用支持 基础结构/工业设施 应用支持 土壤 应用支持


The ALERT210 is an advanced ALERT2 transmitter that is designed to be a drop-in replacement for existing flood warning stations. Designed to be flexible, reliable, and low cost, the ALERT210 uses the AL200 modulator and sensor interface, the industry-standard Maxon SD125E-series radio, and the powerful CR800-series datalogger. The ALERT210 includes seven standard circular connectors for sensor and power inputs, as well as two cable glands for additional inputs.

The modular design of the ALERT210 transmitter allows for alternate configurations, additional peripherals, and easy replacement of individual components. Because the ALERT210 is built around the CR800 datalogger, many additional communications options are available. In addition, any ALERT210-series transmitter can be converted to use the ALERT (legacy) protocol with a simple, free firmware change.

Note: ALERT2 is a trademark of the National Hydrologic Warning Council.


  • ALERT风格的外壳可让其适用于升级已有的气象站
  • 模块化安装组件,易于野外维护和扩展
  • 在金属筒的盖子上配有密封的环形传感器接头
  • 两个穿线孔密封棒,用于传感器或外部通讯线缆的布线
  • 一体式电池托架,可安放24 Ahr的可充电电池
  • Field configurable—no programming required
  • Most feature-rich ALERT2 solution



-NOTE- For specifications, refer to:
  • 657.71 g (1.45 lb) for the CR800
  • 5.72 kg (12.60 lb) for the ALERT210


The ALERT210 system is ALERT2 compatible.



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