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Campbell Scientific 气体分析仪CO₂ /H₂O吸收剂安全解决方案

作者: Ben Conrad | 最后更新: 06/25/2018 | 评论: 0

 campbell scientific 气体分析仪co₂ /h₂o吸收剂安全解决方案

If you have an eddy-covariance system, you understand the importance of performing routine maintenance tasks so you can continue to acquire high-quality, consistently reliable data. Some of these maintenance tasks are straightforward, such as making sure that the optics on your gas analyzer are clean... 阅读更多

Campbell 核心技术: 数据采集器模拟测量不确定度

作者: Kevin Rhodes | 最后更新: 05/17/2018 | 评论: 0

campbell 核心技术: 数据采集器模拟测量不确定度

Do you ever wonder about the uncertainty of your measurements? Occasionally, I’ll have a researcher ask how he or she can calculate the analog measurement uncertainty of a datalogger. I usually direct the customer to the specification sheet that we publish. The customer then asks which statistical... 阅读更多

Campbell Scientific 蜂窝数据解决方案

作者: Steven Moore | 最后更新: 03/28/2018 | 评论: 0

campbell scientific 蜂窝数据解决方案

You’ve carefully acquired good measurement data, and now you want to access your data without worrying about communication headaches. Cellular communication sounds like a great option, but you've heard that trying to obtain a data plan for your cellular modem can be frustrating. You don’t... 阅读更多

Campbell Core Technology: The Datalogger

作者: Kevin Rhodes | 最后更新: 03/21/2018 | 评论: 0

campbell core technology: the datalogger

At Campbell Scientific, we want to help you get the most out of your datalogger that you can. You may have purchased your datalogger to be the core of your data acquisition system without knowing all the things your datalogger can do for you. For example, do... 阅读更多


作者: Jacob Davis | 最后更新: 02/28/2018 | 评论: 1


Now and then, someone will ask if a Campbell Scientific datalogger can be used in place of a PLC (programmable logic controller) or an RTU (remote terminal unit). Admittedly, it is not a simple question to answer. The capabilities of modern PLCs, RTUs, and dataloggers... 阅读更多

7 Things You Should Know about New Cellular Options for Dataloggers

作者: Gary Roberts | 最后更新: 02/21/2018 | 评论: 3

7 things you should know about new cellular options for dataloggers

You may have heard about the new integrated cellular modem gateways available as options on some of our dataloggers. But, do you know what these options really offer, and how they can help your data communication needs now and for decades to come? In this... 阅读更多


作者: Robin Deissinger | 最后更新: 02/14/2018 | 评论: 0


In this short interview, Josh Brown, Market Product Manager of the Infrastructure Group, shares some of the benefits of using a vibrating-wire datalogger, such as the CRVW3 3-Channel Vibrating-Wire Datalogger. Josh was interviewed by Robin Deissinger, the blog editor. Interview Q&A What is a vibrating-wire datalogger... 阅读更多


作者: Jacob Davis | 最后更新: 01/31/2018 | 评论: 2


At some point, you may have watched the real-time wind readings from your datalogger and seen the wind speed bouncing back and forth. Then, you probably wondered if it really was that gusty outside. In many cases, what you are seeing is the resolution of... 阅读更多

Kipp & Zonen’s RaZON+ : 数采程序

作者: Matt Perry | 最后更新: 01/17/2018 | 评论: 0

 kipp & zonen’s razon+ : 数采程序

During 2017, I was asked several times for a datalogger program to retrieve data from Kipp & Zonen’s new RaZON+, a compact-sized dual-axis sun tracker with integrated GPS, smart pyrheliometer, and shaded smart pyranometer. The RaZON+ touts a higher accuracy approach to obtaining solar component... 阅读更多


作者: Michelle Welch | 最后更新: 01/04/2018 | 评论: 2


Did you know that you are just a click or tap away from new and improved online datalogger assistance? If you have a CR1000X, CR6, or CR300-series datalogger, you’ll want to visit our new resource that is available to you 24/7. Our new online user assistance... 阅读更多

如何让你的Campbell Scientific设备免受KRACK网络攻击?

作者: Jacob Davis | 最后更新: 12/22/2017 | 评论: 0

如何让你的campbell scientific设备免受krack网络攻击?

Just recently, the KRACK (Key Reinstallation AttaCK) Wi-Fi vulnerability was publicized. You might be wondering what it is and how it affects the security of your Campbell Scientific devices and data. The KRACK vulnerability exists in the WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access II) security standard used on... 阅读更多

集成外围设备: 易于扩展

作者: Timothy Jeppsen | 最后更新: 11/29/2017 | 评论: 0

集成外围设备: 易于扩展

What do expansion peripherals do, and how is integrating them helpful? Expansion peripherals have two purposes: to expand the capabilities of the datalogger, both in channel count and functionality, and to improve measurement quality. What if we could provide both and make it easier to... 阅读更多

了解CRBasic的程序编译模式: Sequential和Pipeline

作者: Janet Albers | 最后更新: 10/25/2017 | 评论: 0

了解crbasic的程序编译模式: sequential和pipeline

Have you ever noticed a message saying that your CRBasic program compiled in PipelineMode or SequentialMode? What does it mean? And, when does it matter? In this article, we’ll look at these two modes. Sequential Mode Let’s start with the more straightforward mode: SequentialMode. The CRBasic Editor... 阅读更多

CR1000X替换原有的CR1000: 哪些是你所应该了解的?

作者: Timothy Jeppsen | 最后更新: 10/11/2017 | 评论: 0

cr1000x替换原有的cr1000: 哪些是你所应该了解的?

As soon as people learned that we were replacing the CR1000 datalogger with the CR1000X datalogger, they asked us these questions: “Can I load a program I wrote for my CR1000 into a CR1000X?” and “Will the CR1000X fit in the same space as my... 阅读更多


作者: Garrett Wheeler | 最后更新: 09/27/2017 | 评论: 0


We realize that designing a custom, high-quality automated weather station to fit your needs can be challenging, as there are many considerations to keep in mind. To help you with this task, we have recently created three new resources that I’ll introduce you to in... 阅读更多


作者: Chod Stephens | 最后更新: 09/13/2017 | 评论: 3


To help environmental researchers who measure solar radiation improve their measurements and simplify their lives, Campbell Scientific and Apogee Instruments teamed up to develop a new sensor. This new sensor combines features from higher-end blackbody thermopile pyranometers and lower-end silicon photocell pyranometers. The CS320 Digital Thermopile... 阅读更多

数据采集器新功能:以太网-USB (虚拟以太网连接)

作者: Dana Worley | 最后更新: 08/30/2017 | 评论: 3

数据采集器新功能:以太网-usb (虚拟以太网连接)

If you have read recent revision history for the Device Configuration Utility (also known as DevConfig), you may have run across the following note: “New USB drivers (RNDIS) were added for [supported] datalogger.” What's that all about? you may have wondered. Sounds boring, eh? We think it... 阅读更多

数据采集器 CR1000X, CR1000, 和 CR6 快速比较

作者: Timothy Jeppsen | 最后更新: 08/17/2017 | 评论: 0

数据采集器 cr1000x, cr1000, 和 cr6 快速比较

We recently released the CR1000X Measurement and Control Datalogger, and you may be wondering how it compares with our widely used CR1000 datalogger and our innovative CR6 datalogger. If you’re in the market for a new datalogger, how do you know which one is best... 阅读更多

CR1000X介绍 : 新一代功能可靠的数据采集器

作者: Timothy Jeppsen | 最后更新: 08/02/2017 | 评论: 3

cr1000x介绍 : 新一代功能可靠的数据采集器

正如我们的预期 CR1000 (发布于2004年) 是一款非常成功的数据采集器。已经销售了近100,000台, 安装在地球的每一个大陆。Campbell Scientific利用CR1000的成功设计, 同时集成了CR6(发布于2014年) 的很多元素, 推出了CR1000X. CR1000X融合了以上两款产品的优点。 CR1000X 数据采集器可以应用在哪些地方? 对数据采集器的初学者而言,CR1000X是一款低功率的设备,广泛应用于数据测量,存储和控制。CR1000X的可靠性和坚固程度使它成为远程环境应用(数据完整性至关重要)的最佳选择,比如气象站,中尺度气象网,风廓线,空气质量监测,水文系统,水质监测,水文气象站等。 CR1000X带来了哪些帮助? 以下是CR1000X给我们带来的7大帮助: 可以通过网页浏览器连接CR1000X 页面设计简单,便于浏览实时记录数据。 用户可以快速方便的更换掉已有的CR1000 CR1000X的结构设计延续了CR1000的特点, 同时又增加了可拆卸端子的功能。 CR1000X的集成功能降低了整个监控系统的成本 CR1000X集成了CR1000常用的几种扩展设备: NL116连接以太网, SDM-SIO1A 扩展 RS-485, SC-CPI 连接Campbell Scientific设备扩展模块。 CR1000X在所有环境数据采集器中,具备最高的精度和分辨率 CR1000X提供了高精度模拟测量。 可以直连电流传感器 CR1000X具备电流测量功能(0 ~ 20 mA 或 4 ~ 20 mA), 无需外围设备。 CR1000X适用于极端环境 标准工作温度范围 -40 ~ +70°C 满足绝大多数应用。 对于极端环境, CR1000X也提供了可选的扩展工作温度-55° ~ +85°. CR1000X提供多种通信端口和可拆卸端子 可拆卸端子便于快速安装,... 阅读更多

针对Windows系统,Campbell 软件做出的改动

作者: Dana Worley | 最后更新: 07/19/2017 | 评论: 0

针对windows系统,campbell 软件做出的改动

In an April 2016 blog article (“Handling New Device Drivers in a Changing Windows World”), I wrote that Campbell Scientific was ending Windows XP support for our hardware device drivers. In that article, I also mentioned that Windows XP support might end for other products... 阅读更多