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generating Headers in Tables

ed Nov 14, 2023 10:19 AM


I have a program which reads 30 SDI12 Sensors with 6 Values each in a For-loop. The data is stored in a twodimensional array (Sensors(1-30, 1-6). The table command stores Sensors(). This generates in the written Table Headers like Sensors(1,1) and so on. With defining 180 Alias' I could change them to ID#_ Temp, ID#_Humidity and so on. Is there a way to generate this with a script?



JDavis Nov 15, 2023 07:56 PM

One time I made an Excel spreadsheet to generate a bunch of Alias lines for me. Excel does have several text functions that can be used in cell formulas. After it is generated, you can copy and paste the text into the program.

Some scripting languages like Python are also a quick way to generate lines of text.

misakisa May 25, 2024 04:04 PM

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