Is there a way of configuring the FTP, HTTP, and Telnet services remotely on a CR1000 or CR3000 with an NL115?

This can be done using the settings editor under PakBusGraph:

  1. Start PakBusGraph.
  2. In the PakBus Network control on the toolbar or in the menu, select the name of the PakBusPort that is used to communicate with the data logger.
  3. Click the node for the station, and select Settings from the resulting context menu.
  4. After the resulting dialog has loaded the settings, entries for the following are available:
    • HTTP Service Port
    • FTP Service Port
    • FTP User Name
    • FTP Password
    • Ping Enabled
    • FTP Enabled
    • Telnet Enabled
    • HTTP Enabled
    • Transport Layer Security (TLS) Enabled