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starlink wifi and CR1000

Paul Heinrich May 1, 2024 03:31 PM

Has anyone connected a CR1000 to Loggernet Admin using the starlink network and wifi?  I have a site without cell coverage, but has a nearby starlink base station and I can see the starlink wifi using my phone at the station.  I'm thinking I could use an industrial wifi gateway to connect the CR1000 to the starlink hotspot.  I do not believe I can get a static ip through starlink, so I think any data transfer will need to be iniated by the CR1000 back to my server,  Does anyone have experience with this?

Sam May 6, 2024 01:31 AM

I agree, Paul, that the CR1000 will need to initiate the connection out.

Campbell Scientific offers multiple solutions, including Konect Data Services and Konect PakBus Router (https://www.konectgds.com/). With Konect Data Services, you can collect, store and visualize your data. With Konect PakBus Router, you can route to and from the datalogger with LoggerNet and LoggerLink.

Alternatively, you can have the CR1000 initiate a connection back to your own LoggerNet server or a publicly accessible PakBus datalogger used as your router.

The easiest (and also very aggressive) connection method is to use the datalogger Network Services setting PakBus/TCP Clients Address, where you would indicate the destination URI or IP address.

Alternatively, you can use the TCPOpen() instruction under program control.

pepkoakrapovis May 16, 2024 04:36 PM

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xararea May 21, 2024 08:04 AM

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