Campbell Scientific now offers UL-listed data-acquisition systems bearing the UL508A listing for enclosed, industrial, control panels. These preconfigured systems use ac power (solar-powered systems are not covered by the UL508A standard), contain one of our current dataloggers (e.g., CR800, CR850, CR1000, CR3000), and are housed in a 14 by 16, 16 by 18, or 24 by 30 in. enclosure. The UL listing pertains to the preconfigured system as a whole, rather than to the individual components.

To receive the UL508A listing, a preconfigured system is inspected to ensure compliance with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) requirements for grounding, overcurrent protection, wiring, labeling, and documentation. The system is then labeled with a UL mark, indicating compliance to USA and Canadian standards, and shipped with documentation per the UL standards.