eosFD 土壤 CO2 通量传感器

The eosFD, manufactured by Eosense, uses the patented Forced Diffusion (FD) technology to measure soil CO2 flux directly using an NDIR sensor and small internal diaphragm pump. It features onboard data logging capabilities that enable it to be a stand-alone sensor; however, it can also deliver analog or serial data to Campbell Scientific data loggers. This sensor compliments a Campbell Scientific eddy-covariance system. The included... 了解更多

CELL220 4G LTE CAT1 Cellular Module for Australia

By using Campbell Scientific’s external line of cellular modules, system integrators, OEMs, and large end users can avoid costly, time-consuming maintenance visits to remote devices around the world. The CELL200 series of external cellular modules are 4G LTE cellular devices that provide serial or CS I/O connectivity to a number of cellular networks, including Verizion, AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Rogers, Bell, Telstra, and Telus. The networking and... 了解更多

SR05-L ISO 9060 二级辐射表 模拟和 RS-485 Modbus 通信

The SR05-L, manufactured by Hukseflux Thermal Sensors, is an ISO 9060 second class pyranometer designed for general solar radiation measurements in agricultural and meteorological networks and PV monitoring. Both analog output and Modbus over RS-485 are supported. 了解更多

CM256 可调节安装支架(太阳能)

The CM256 adjustable-angle, adjustable-plane mounting stand further simplifies the accurate and precise mounting of a pyranometer, ventilation unit, shadowband radiometer, or reference cell. Several pyranometer mounting stands have been combined and simplified to make ordering easier and usability friendlier. The CM256 is a combination of the CM255LS pyranometer mount, CM245 reference cell and shadowband mount, 31394 VU01 mount, and 31153 CVF4 mount. In addition, several... 了解更多

CM261 单轴安装支架(太阳能)

The CM261 single-axis tracker pyranometer mount with adjustable plane simplifies the mounting of any pyranometer, ventilation unit, reference cell, or SPN1 to hexagonal, round, and square single-axis torque tubes. The CM261 is a combination and simplification of the CM260 and CM265 to make ordering easier and usability friendlier. The bracket includes provisions for mounting the sensors and ventilation units at different heights, allowing the sensing... 了解更多

HygroVUE10 数字温湿度传感器

The HygroVUE™10 offers a combined temperature and relative humidity element in an advanced digital sensor that is ideal for weather networks. The electronics within the sensor provide accurate measurements, and the sensor is easy to use. The digital SDI-12 output allows a simple connection and measurement by many data logging systems. Another benefit is that this digital output avoids the extra errors associated with measuring... 了解更多

SkyVUEPRO 激光雷达云高仪

The SkyVUE™PRO LIDAR ceilometer measures cloud height and vertical visibility for meteorological and aviation applications and is ideal for long-term research applications where a high level of detail is required. Its robust construction is ideal for long-term installation, as it requires minimal maintenance and features a unique stratocumulus calibration procedure—allowing the ceilometer to be calibrated in the field. The SkyVUE™PRO complies with CAA, WMO, and ICAO guidance and... 了解更多

SoilVUE10 TDR 土壤剖面传感器

SoilVUE™ 10 是一款基于Campbell TrueWave™ TDR 测量技术的土壤剖面水分传感器。它集土壤水分、电导率与温度测量为一体,是专为从事环境研究的科研人员和环境监测网络而研制。SoilVUE ™ 10 体现了土壤水分原位测量技术的创新和进步,是土壤剖面水分等状况监测的最佳选择。 Campbell Scientific 专有的TrueWave ™ TDR 技术将业内领先的信号上升时间与先进的波形分析技术相结合,从而准确确定高频信号的真实传输时间。测量过程将获取高时间分辨率和平滑的信号,其性能完全可以与其它TDR测量相媲美。值得一提的是,并非所有的TDR 的传感器都可以达到这样的测量性能。   --> 了解更多

SR30-L 二级标准辐射表 RS-485 Modbus 通信 集成加热通风

The SR30, manufactured by Hukseflux, features Recirculating Ventilation and Heating (RVH™) technology. As a standalone unit, the SR30 is fully compliant with IEC 61724-1 standards, whereas other pyranometers would require external ventilation/heating units to be compliant. The SR30 is an ideal instrument for solar resource and PV performance monitoring. 了解更多

SDMS40 多点激光雪深传感器

The SDMS40 is a powerful and cost-effective 2D multipoint, laser-based snowfall sensor. In the past, multipoint laser-based snow depth sensors have typically been complex and costly, so the practical SDMS40 was developed to address those issues. Performance and reliability of the device have been proven with thorough testing of the sensor and its measurement method. (Read the white paper.) With the SDMS40, you can enjoy accurate... 了解更多

CS231-L SDI-12 温度廓线传感器

The CS231 offers the same precise temperature profiling as our CS230 SDI-12 Temperature Profiler, but with a slimmer design for easier use in borehole and road applications. The CS231 requires a smaller installation hole when compared to the CS230. For road applications, this means easier drilling, as well as less time and material to backfill. The CS231 SDI-12 Temperature Profiler uses SDI-12 digital technology for simple integration. SDI-12... 了解更多

SN500SS 净辐射表

This four-component net radiometer, manufactured by Apogee Instruments, provides individual measurement of net radiation components. This sensor features an SDI-12 output, eliminating the need for multiple analog channels to measure the individual components of net radiation. The SN500SS offers a complete package that includes a net radiometer, mounting rod, pigtail lead cable for data logger interface, and a carrying case. 了解更多