TE525METS-L 雨量计(用于气象站METSENS550)

The TE525METS-L, manufactured by Texas Electronics, has a 6 in. orifice and measures rainfall in 0.01 in. increments. It is compatible with all Campbell Scientific dataloggers, and it is widely used in environmental monitoring applications. This rain gage has a special connector for attachment to the MetSENS550. 了解更多

METSENS200 Compact Weather Sensor for Wind with Compass

The MetSENS200 compact weather sensor measures wind speed and direction via an ultrasonic sensor. An integrated electronic compass provides apparent wind measurements. WMO average wind speed and direction and gust data are provided. The MetSENS200 is compatible and easily integrated with the MeteoPV Solar Resource Platform and any Campbell Scientific datalogger using SDI-12, RS-485, ModbusRS-485, or NMEA RS-232. 了解更多

HC2A-S3 替换停产的 HC2S3-L

The HC2A-S3 is a replacement sensor for the retired HC2S3-L Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe. The sensor is a drop-in replacement for existing installations, requiring no change in programming or wiring. This sensor does not ship with a cable. Please refer to the HC2S3CBL1-L if a cable is required. 了解更多

MeteoPV 太阳能资源平台

The MeteoPV Solar Resource Platform delivers key photovoltaic (PV) resource data used in PV system analysis and performance assessment. It is the only purpose-built PV resource data platform on the market, and it is ideal for distributed PV monitoring and as a plane-of-array (POA) sunstation on large solar farms. Built for PV monitoring, the MeteoPV scales to the purpose, size, and complexity of the performance data... 了解更多

CS110FV In-Field Verifier for CS110 Electric Field Meter

The CS110FV In-Field Verifier (Verifier) is used to verify a CS110 factory calibration. Housed in a rugged Pelican™ case, the Verifier includes a test cover that fits over the CS110 stator, a 12 Vdc alkaline battery pack, a GPS sensor to record the location of the CS110, and a CD100 keyboard display. A custom menu simplifies entering variables, initiating verification, monitoring the verification progress, and... 了解更多

CS240DM 背板温度传感器,PT-1000 A级, Modbus RS-485 输出

The CS240DM is a best-in-class smart sensor with a rugged, surface-mountable platinum resistive thermometer (PRT) that measures back-of-module temperature on solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. The CS240DM includes a new Campbell Scientific precision analog-to-digital, smart-sensor module that makes back-of-module temperature measurements that are among the most accurate measurements available today.  了解更多

EasyFlux WebH EasyFlux Web 软件, Campbell Scientific 托管

EasyFlux™ Web CSI-Hosted is a web-based software tool for monitoring CR6- and CR3000-based Campbell Scientific, Inc., eddy-covariance systems. EasyFlux™ Web CSI-Hosted is hosted on Campbell Scientific's own Microsoft Azure server, which allows for automatic updates and maintenance of the software. After users create an account, they are given their own IP address to allow them to easily connect to their data from an Internet-connected device. Monitoring a... 了解更多

CPEC310 具备自动零点(Zero)和跨度(Span)的可扩展闭路涡度协方差系统

The CPEC310 is a turn-key, closed-path eddy-covariance (EC) flux system for long-term monitoring of atmospheric-biosphere exchanges of carbon dioxide, water vapor, heat, and momentum. A complete system consists of a closed-path gas analyzer (EC155 closed-path gas analyzer), sonic anemometer (CSAT3A sonic anemometer), datalogger (CR6 datalogger), sample pump, three-valve module that enables automatic zero and CO2 span measurements (manual H2O span), and accommodations for a CDM-A116 analog... 了解更多

CELLDATA Campbell Scientific Cellular Data Service Subscription

At Campbell Scientific, we offer subscriptions to cellular data plans to be used with our RV50 modems and cellular modems built into our CR300 and CR310 dataloggers. Modems are provisioned and activated when you receive them. A subscription to cellular data service is available to those who purchase cellular-enabled devices. When ordering a cellular-enabled product, you can choose the Data Provisioning option to subscribe to Campbell Scientific... 了解更多

CELLPROV Cellular Data Modem Provisioning for User-Supplied Modems

If you previously purchased a cellular-enabled device (such as an RV50, CR300, or CR310) from Campbell Scientific, we also offer subscriptions to cellular data service. By ordering CELLPROV, modems you already own can be added to your account. Customers will receive an activated SIM card complete with installation and provisioning instructions. When you order CELLPROV, select the carrier, then select a data plan listed under Common Accessories.... 了解更多

EasyFlux PC Eddy-Covariance 数据后处理软件

EasyFlux™ PC is a free computer program that processes high frequency time series data, collected using a Campbell Scientific eddy-covariance flux system, into fluxes following community accepted practices. Fully corrected fluxes of CO2, latent heat (H2O), sensible heat, and momentum are available in generic, AmeriFlux, and GHG-Europe ASCII formats. 了解更多

MetPRO 科研级气象站

The MetPRO™ is a highly accurate, durable, research-grade meteorological monitoring station, designed for a wide variety of demanding environmental applications. This portable tripod station is suitable for both long-term and temporary deployments on flat or uneven terrain. This system includes high-quality sensors, which are needed for defensible data in environmental research, as well as critical operations dependent on continual weather monitoring. Meteorological variables measured can be... 了解更多