SDM-CD16ACA 16通道AC/DC继电器控制器

With an SDM-CD16ACA, your Campbell Scientific data logger can automatically activate external ac or dc devices such as motors, pumps, heaters, valves, and fans. This ac/dc relay controller has 16 ports for connecting your ac or dc devices. Each port can be controlled automatically by the data logger’s program or controlled manually with an override toggle switch. The SDM-CD16ACA is a RoHS-compliant version of the SDM-CD16AC. 了解更多

CR350 测量和控制数据采集器

CR350是一款多用途、极低功耗、紧凑型的数据采集器。这款入门级数据采集器具有丰富的指令集,可以接入水文、气象、环境和工业等多类型的传感器。CR350采集的数据可通过不同的网络规格传输,适用于自动化或远程控制。CR350非常适合需要长期远程监测和控制的小型应用。 以下概述了:CR300, CR310, 和 CR350 数据采集器的主要区别: The CR310 and CR350 offer removable connectors. The CR310 includes a 10/100 Ethernet connection. The CR350 has two independent RS-232/RS-485 ports and USB-C. The CR350 includes Wi-Fi, cellular, or the following radio options for different regions: CR350-RF407: US and Canada CR350-RF412: Australia and New Zealand CR350-RF422: Europe CR350-RF427: Brazil Note: Campbell Scientific does not recommend the CR350 for use as a PakBus router in networks with... 了解更多

WEATHERPAKM 用于应急响应的移动气象站

WEATHERPAK®M weather stations are impervious to airborne chemicals and designed to be deployed directly in the hot zone. These models can be set up in less than 60 seconds, without tools, by one person wearing full protective gear. A WEATHERPAK®M weather station can survive a 1.8 m (6 ft) drop to concrete and withstand a decontamination scrubdown, as well as many other environmental hazards. Note: WEATHERPAK® Response... 了解更多

SnowVUE10 数字雪深传感器

SnowVUE™10 是一款数字超声波雪深传感器,通过先进的频谱分析和一流的宽带传感器,提供连续、准确的雪深测量。凭借其低功耗和低维护的设计理念,SnowVUE™10 适用于高山和远程安装。SnowVUE™10 具有Campbell Scientific的总正常运行时间诊断软件包,为您提供关键的传感器性能测量,如内部湿度、温度、传感器水平(倾斜)、测量质量和输入电压。同时需要一个外部空气温度传感器来校正温度变化引起的声速变化。 了解更多

ClariVUE10 浊度传感器,符合ISO 7027标准

The ClariVUE™10 is an ISO 7027 compliant, submersible, side-scatter turbidity sensor. It outputs an SDI-12, digitally processed signal that all modern Campbell Scientific data loggers can measure. The side-scatter turbidity measurement can be used as a surrogate for suspended sediment concentration in aquatic ecosystems. 了解更多

38485 4G/3G 9 dBi MIMO Cellular Antenna with 2 Type N Female Connectors

The 38485 antenna is a wideband, dual-port, directional-panel antenna with slant 45 polarization that covers US LTE700/Cellular/PCS/AWS/MDS and global GSM900/GSM1800/UMTS/LTE2600 bands. The antenna is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It includes a UV-stable radome enclosure that provides years of use without degradation to either mechanical properties or aesthetics. Even though this antenna is uniquely suited for use with cellular modems, it can also... 了解更多

GRANITE 6 测量控制数据采集系统

The GRANITE™6 DAQ is a powerful core component for your complete data-acquisition system. The GRANITE 6 provides fast communication, low power requirements, built-in USB and Wi-Fi, modular design, and high analog input accuracy and resolution. It uses universal (U) terminals to allow a connection to virtually any sensor—analog, digital, or smart. The multipurpose DAQ is also capable of measuring static vibrating-wire measurements. The GRANITE™6 is a new... 了解更多

BaroVUE10 数字气压计

The BaroVUE™10 is a highly accurate barometer that can measure pressures over a range of 500 to 1100 hPa and can be used in a range of applications that includes meteorology and hydrology. This sensor includes our zero downtime recalibration. Other sensors on the market need to be taken offline and sent back to the manufacturer to be recalibrated, often for weeks at a time,... 了解更多

GRANITE Chassis Chassis for GRANITE Data-Acquisition Systems

The GRANITE™Chassis is a platform for housing a complete GRANITE system. The Chassis can hold up to eight modules, which may include the DAQ (GRANITE™10, GRANITE™9, or GRANITE™6), CH400, and additional GRANITE measurement modules. Portability and protection are fundamental to the design, delivering optimal system performance in demanding conditions—especially when heat must be dissipated quickly. Up to five panel faces (four top, one rear) can... 了解更多

RainVUE10 SDI-12 Precipitation Sensor with Plastic Funnel

The RainVUE™️10 is ideal for many hydrological or meteorological applications such as weather stations and flood warning systems. The RainVUE™️10 is an SDI-12 tipping bucket rain gage in the RainVUE™️ family of products. Advanced algorithms and digital processing within the sensor compensate for errors caused by high-intensity rain and provide accurate precipitation and intensity measurements. Constructed of an aerodynamic plastic funnel, the RainVUE™️10 is cost... 了解更多

DAQ Case 15 Data Acquisition (DAQ) Laboratory and Field Case

The DAQ Case 15 is a cost-effective and convenient carrying case for your valuable data-acquisition equipment. This case is specifically configured for GRANITE™ Data-Acquisition Systems and Campbell Scientific data loggers. The DAQ Case 15 is optimized for applications that require easy transport in a lab, in the field, or for short-term deployments.  The DAQ Case 15 includes a removable backplate that is housed inside a rugged Pelican™ carrying... 了解更多

CS250DM Pt-1000 Class A, Precision Air Temperature Sensor with Digital Modbus RS-485 Output

The CS250DM is a Pt-1000 Class-A air temperature sensor for temperature gradient and stability analysis. This sensor delivers extremely accurate and precise air temperature data that is necessary for IEC 61724 Class-A solar monitoring applications and Delta Temperature (ΔT) calculations. It also includes a digital Modbus RS-485 output, ensuring data quality over long cable lengths. 了解更多