Solar Op Met Station Solar Operational Meteorological Monitoring Station

Campbell Scientific's Solar Operational Meteorological (Op Met) Monitoring Stations are purpose built to meet the wide range of solar energy monitoring demands. They are designed with ease of operation and maximum data availability in mind. All measurements and parameters pass seamlessly to local Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems or on-site and off-site servers. Each station is built to operate beyond the lifetime of... Learn More

A151 Single Sensor Terminal Case, Vented with Desiccant

The A151 is a vented junction box with terminal blocks to connect sensors to an M12 eight-pin connector. It has accessories to allow the use of various lengths of cable and termination options. Learn More

TempVue 50 SDI-12数字水温传感器

TempVue™50是一款高精度数字水土温度传感器,将TempVue产品线的高性能扩展到水中测量。同时它也是一款坚固可靠的传感器,超过了美国地质调查局(USGS)地表水办公室(OSW)的规格。也可以与物联网(IoT)边缘设备的Aspen生态系统即插即用。 Learn More

Aspen 10 用于单个传感器的边界设备

The revolutionary Aspen™10 Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Device allows users to easily connect their environmental sensor to the cloud. It is rugged and durable and may be mounted outdoors without the need for a second enclosure. It has an integrated solar panel and internal rechargeable battery, making the Aspen 10 a truly self-sustaining device. The Aspen 10 is also small and compact, which makes it... Learn More

TempVue 20 Pt100数字空气温度传感器

The TempVue™20 provides even greater flexibility to customers wanting the next generation of air-temperature measurements. This sensor meets all relevant World Meteorological Organization (WMO) temperature recommendations, but with a digital output that ensures maximum flexibility to meet all application needs. Designed with the customer in mind, the TempVue 20 easily interfaces with Campbell Scientific or third-party data loggers and fits a wide range of aspirated and... Learn More

SurfaceVue 10 固定位置、无创路面状况和温度传感器

The SurfaceVue™10 is a road condition sensor designed for use with your Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS). This non-invasive sensor uses spectroscopic analysis to provide you with surface state, friction, water, and ice layer thickness data. The SurfaceVue 10 also measures surface temperature, air temperature, dew point, air pressure, and wind speed parameters. This data provides you with vital information to make better maintenance and... Learn More

FluoreSens 10 Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) System

The FluoreSens™10 offers a direct sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF) measurement that can provide accurate estimates of gross primary production (GPP) and ecosystem respiration (RECO)—the two largest biospheric carbon sources. This system can be used on its own, or it can be paired with an eddy-covariance (EC) station. Additional applications include ground truth for satellite SIF measurements, crop and vegetative early stress detection and warning, and drought or... Learn More

SDM-SIO2R Two-Channel Serial I/O Module with Relays

The SDM-SIO2R is a digital sensor expansion module that expands the serial I/O interface via Synchronous Device for Measurement (SDM) communications on a data logger. The serial I/O functionality is identical to the SDM-SIO1A One-Channel Serial I/O Module and the SDM-SIO4A Four-Channel Serial I/O Module, except it has two channels. The SDM-SIO2R also has terminals to connect sensor power and sensor heater power, which are controllable... Learn More

TempVue 10 Pt100 模拟温度传感器

The TempVue™10 represents the next generation of air-temperature measurement sensors, meeting all relevant World Meteorological Organization (WMO) temperature recommendations. Designed with the customer in mind, the TempVue 10 easily interfaces with Campbell Scientific or third-party data loggers and fits a wide range of passive solar radiation shields. The sensor comes with a short, attached cable and terminates with an M12 connector, which provides exceptional convenience, environmental... Learn More