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Inexpensive annual plans to meet your needs
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At Campbell Scientific, we offer subscriptions to cellular data plans to be used with our RV50 modems, the cellular modems built into our CR300 and CR310 dataloggers, and our CELL200-series cellular modules (CELL205, CELL210, CELL215, CELL220). Modems are provisioned and activated when you receive them.

A subscription to cellular data service is available to those who purchase cellular-enabled devices. When ordering a cellular-enabled product, you can choose the Data Provisioning option to subscribe to Campbell Scientific Cellular Data Services. By doing so, the modem will be provisioned and activated to work on a selected carrier.

When ordering a provisioned device, also choose a data plan. The annual subscription cost is based on the data plan and selected carrier. Data plans are available from 25 MB per month to 5 GB per month.

Campbell Scientific Cellular Data Services is an incredibly cost-effective and easy way to ensure your data collection plan is active and ready to go. Allow us to take the hassle of finding a trusted service provider off your hands.


  • Ready to use out of the box—no need to work with a cellular carrier for modem provisioning and data plans
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customer support from Campbell Scientific who understands your application
  • Secure Konect PakBus Router assures on-demand two-way access to your datalogger


Cellular data plans can be used with RV50 modems (sold separately).
Cellular data plans can be used with cellular modems built into CR300 dataloggers (sold separately).
Cellular data plans can be used with cellular modems built into CR310 dataloggers (sold separately).


Campbell Scientific cellular-enabled devices may be ordered provisioned and activated on the following carriers:

  • Verizon—With service in the United States
  • AT&TWith service in the United States, Canada, and Mexico
  • T-MobileWith service in the United States
  • 600 global carriersWith service in over 185 countries

All data plans are billed annually. The plans vary according to your data needs.

The following data plans are available on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile:

  • 25 MB per month
  • 250 MB per month
  • 1 GB per month
  • 5 GB per month

IT1A plans are available as shown in the Country List for Cellular Plans:

  • 25 MB per month
  • 250 MB per month

An IT1B plan with 25 MB per month is available as shown in the Country List for Cellular Plans.

If the needed country or data plan is not listed, please contact customer support for a quote for a custom plan.

Cellular data plans from Campbell Scientific provide private dynamic IP Internet connectivity. To enable secure, two-way, communication between the datalogger and Campbell Scientific datalogger support software, a complimentary subscription to the Konect PakBus Router service is included with your purchase of a cellular-enabled device.


Please note: The following shows notable compatibility information. It is not a comprehensive list of all compatible products.


Product Compatible Note


Product Compatible Note