CELLPROV Cellular Data Modem Provisioning for User-Supplied Modems
Provisioning for Data Plans
Used with cellular data plans
气象 应用支持 湍流通量 应用支持 水资源 应用支持 能源 应用支持 基础结构/工业设施 应用支持 土壤 应用支持


If you previously purchased a cellular-enabled device (such as an RV50, CR300, or CR310) from Campbell Scientific, we also offer subscriptions to cellular data service.

By ordering CELLPROV, modems you already own can be added to your account. Customers will receive an activated SIM card complete with installation and provisioning instructions. When you order CELLPROV, select the carrier, then select a data plan listed under Common Accessories.   


  • All your cellular data services can be provided by Campbell Scientific
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customer support from Campbell Scientific who understands your application
  • Secure Konect PakBus Router assures on-demand two-way access to your datalogger


A subscription to cellular data service can be used with a previously purchased RV50 (sold separately).


CELLPROV provisioning is compatible with the following products:

  • RV50
  • CR300
  • CR310