ET107 蒸散监测气象站
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ET107 with PS150 power supply (sold separately)

3D/CAD 文件:


我们的ET107 ETo气象站含有气象传感器、一根3米长的铝杆,以及安放CR1000M模块和7-Ahr密封可充电电池的环境机箱。即可采用交流适配电源,也可以用10 W太阳能板给电池充电。密封的圆形快速接头配在机箱的外面,实现了传感器快速连接。






ET107 Default Programs (4 KB) 29-03-2021

One default program is for an ET107 with the 034B wind sensor and another default program is for an ET107 with a WindSonic1.

ET107 ETsz Example Programs (290 KB) 23-06-2021

The ETsz() instruction requires the user to input lattitude, longitude, elevation, and crop type for a station's location in order to generate accurate calculations of ET. The Generic_ET_107_ETsz.CR1 and Generic_ET_107_ETsz_Windsonic.CR1 programs use the ConstTable() intruction to create a constants table that allows the user to easily input these values using Loggernet, PC400, or a keyboard display. These values only need to be set once, during station set up.


ET107: 18


  1. Refer to the “Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Schematics” section of the ET107 Weather Station Instruction Manual for procedural instructions.

  2. Calsense Command Center software can interface with Campbell Scientific’s VisualWeather software, which can retrieve values from the ET107. In the Command Center software, setting up a station involves connecting to the VisualWeather LoggerNet server and selecting variables from the weather station’s listing for wind speed, rainfall, and ETo.

  3. Yes. However, special data logger programming is required. Contact an application engineer at Campbell Scientific for assistance.

  4. The most significant difference is that the retired ET106 used the CR10X datalogger, whereas the ET107 uses the CR1000 datalogger. Other differences are the following:

    • As a design improvement, the ET107 has a seal incorporated into its lid assembly.
    • The ET107 uses a CS300 pyranometer instead of the LI200X pyranometer.
    • The ET107 provides a choice of wind sensor (either the 034B or the WindSonic1), whereas the ET106 could only be used with the 034B.
  5. The PS100 power supply that’s in the ET107 specifies a charging voltage of 15 to 28 Vdc or 18 Vac RMS.  A 24 Vac transformer will blow the protective circuitry in the PS100.

  6. No. VisualWeather must be purchased separately.

  7. The communications options include direct serial connection, short haul modem, analog phone modem, cellular phone modem, radio, and Wi-Fi.  Also, with an enclosure alteration, an Ethernet port can be added.

    Note: Some of the listed telemetry options can drastically alter the power budget of the station.