SOLAR800 太阳能资源评估系统
Bankable Data
Met station for general-purpose solar-resource assessment
气象 应用支持 湍流通量 应用支持 水资源 应用支持 能源 应用支持 基础结构/工业设施 应用支持 土壤 应用支持


The Solar800 is a turn-key, solar-measurement data-acquisition system specifically designed for solar-resource assessment. The Solar800 provides the on-site data essential for a thorough understanding of a project site’s solar resources and variability. The system is designed with fast-to-field features that simplify and expedite installation: no system coding required, quick-deploy installation components and guide, and simple-to-configure software. Data retrieval is easy and flexible. Options include: FTP, email, Modbus, DNP 3, and LoggerNet capability.


  • High reliability and longevity with a Campbell Scientific CR800 Measurement and Control Datalogger
  • High measurement quality delivered by high-resolution analog channels on the datalogger combined with ISO 9060 thermopile pyranometers
  • Easy, turn-key installation
  • Factory fabrication, programming, and testing minimizes field wiring errors, reduces deployment time, and eliminates system programming
  • Battery-backed system enables continuous data collection, even during power outages and network failure
  • Easy and flexible data retrieval
  • Supports TCP/IP functionality, including: HTTP web server, FTP, and email send for data viewing and retrieval
  • Supports Modbus, DNP 3, PakBus, and SunSpec protocols
  • Ships with quick-deploy installation guide, system schematics, and engineering documentation
  • Retains the powerful, modular nature of the Campbell Scientific product line, allowing for user-defined modifications and customization



The Solar800 takes 1-second measurements and stores data at user-defined intervals for global horizontal irradiance, plane of array (POA) irradiance, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, temperature, relative humidity (optional), and barometric pressure (optional).

The Solar800 is designed for continuous outdoor use, with power supply options ensuring continuous operation in most locations. The system is available with multiple communications options, giving maximum flexibility in data collection and monitoring methods.

No coding is required to set up and operate a Solar800. To facilitate easy setup and turn-key operation, the Solar800 comes with configuration software.