SDM-CD8S 8通道固态直流控制器
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SDM-CD8S 通过控制带适度电流负载的直流设备,包括螺线管、电磁阀、直流电机、步进电机、电灯、喇叭、加热器和风扇等,这增加了数据采集器的控制能力。SDM-CD8S 设计用于仅需要少数几个控制端口的应用,此时不必要使用更大容量的高功率继电模块,例如 SDM-CD16S。


  • Provides a manual override
  • Enables multiple SDM-CD8S devices to be wired to one data logger, increasing the number of devices that can be controlled
  • Includes LEDs that provide a visual indicator of active outputs


3D/CAD 文件:


SDM-CD8S 含有8路直流电压输出和回路,可以被手动地或在数据采集器控制之下,切换为开或关的位置。当手动控制拨键被设在ON 位置时,输出由每路通道的摇臂开关的位置来控制。当手动控制拨键被设在OFF 位置时,继电状态由来自数据采集器的SDM指令所控制。

该设备的电压范围是 8 到 26 Vdc。它可以传送最大每路电流达 1 A,以及所有通道累计电流最大达 6 A。输入电源 (8 到 26 Vdc) 同时供电给输出和 SDM-CD8S 逻辑。

SDM 工作原理

SDM-CD8S 是一种同步的可编地址的数据采集器外设。数据采集器的控制端口 1, 2, 和 3 用于寻找指定地址的 SDM-CD8S,继而给8路控制口的每一个分配预期的状态。多达 15个 SDM-CD8S 控制器可以被编地址,使得一个数据采集器的前3个控制口可能控制最多120个端口。



Function Allows the data logger to control dc devices that have a moderate current load, such as solenoids, solenoid valves, dc motors, stepper motors, lights, horns, heaters, and fans.
Number of Channels 8
Supply Voltage Range 8 to 26 Vdc
Operating Voltage 12 Vdc
Logic Current Drain (@ 12 Vdc)
  • 15 mA (quiescent)
  • 2.5 mA per active LED (manual or auto)
Toggle Switch
  • Individual dip switches for manual
Maximum Current
  • 1 A (per channel)
  • 6 A (all channels total)
Actuation/Release Times 8 μs/200 μs
Operating Temperature -40° to +70°C
Dimensions 11.1 x 8.6 x 2.4 cm (4.4 x 3.4 x 0.9 in.)


Please note: The following shows notable compatibility information. It is not a comprehensive list of all compatible products.


Product Compatible Note
CR200X (retired)
CR206X (retired)
CR211X (retired)
CR216X (retired)
CR295X (retired)
CR3000 (retired)
CR800 (retired)
CR850 (retired)
CR9000 (retired) Although the CR9000 is compatible, the SDM-CD8S does not support its fastest communication rates and therefore is not practical for most of its applications.


Product Compatible Note

Distributed Data Acquisition

Product Compatible Note
Granite 10
Granite 6
Granite 9

Additional Compatibility Information

Data Logger Considerations

Up to 15 SDM devices can be connected to a single data logger. To communicate with connected SDM devices, the CR3000 and CR5000 use the SDM-C1, SDM-C2, and SDM-C3 ports. The other data loggers use ports labeled C1, C2, and C3. The 21X also requires channel 1H.

Power Considerations

The SDM-CD8S power requirements may be large compared to most Campbell Scientific products. For most applications, an external power supply is recommended to power the SDM-CD8S.

For some applications, it may be convenient to use the data logger’s sealed-rechargeable battery. If the data logger’s rechargeable batteries are used, the batteries need to be float charged via a wall charger or solar panel. The current available from the wall charger limits the SDM continuous output current. Campbell Scientific does not recommend using the data logger’s alkaline power supply.

Enclosure Considerations

The SDM-CD8S requires a desiccated, non-condensing environment; a Campbell Scientific enclosure is recommended. Grommets and screws are provided to attach the flanges/bracket to the backplate of our enclosures.




  1. The SDM-CD8S and SDM-CD16S were specifically designed to switch solenoids (inductive loads), similar to those found on valves. The diode, to protect against voltage kickback, is built into the device. The SDM-CD16AC, however, does not have this diode.

  2. No. The SDM-CD8S was designed to switch dc loads (12 Vdc nominal; 1 A maximum per channel, total current on all channels not to exceed 6 A). The SDM-CD8S switches the - outputs, rather than the + output. This is called a low-side switch. The + output is the same voltage as the PWR used to power the SDM-CD8S to ground.

    To switch an ac load, consider using an SDM-CD16ACA.

  3. The following relay devices can be used with the CR800 and the CR850:

    • 7321
    • A6REL-12*
    • A21REL-12
    • LR4
    • SDM-CD8S
    • SDM-CD16AC
    • SDM-CD16ACA
    • SDM-CD16S

    The CR800 and the CR850 can also be used with a wide variety of third-party relay devices.

    *Because the CR800 and the CR850 only have four digital ports, they do not have the ability to switch all six of the relays on the A6REL-12.

  4. Yes. Each of the channels on the SDM-CD8S and the SDM-CD16S has a manual control switch. Place the SDM-CD8S or SDM-CD16S into manual control by switching the Manual Control switch to the On position. Now each channel can be turned on or off using its respective switch.

  5. Yes. SDM devices are addressable. Multiple SDM devices can be connected to a data logger, as long as they all have a unique SDM address. Valid addresses are 0 through 15. Address 16 is reserved for SDM devices that support the Group Trigger Command. The address is set using the rotary switch on the face of the SDM-CD8S or SDM-CD16S.


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